Introducing 17Seven

17Seven is a close-knit team of digital branding and product designers. We are passionate about partnering with like minded people and organizations to produce exceptional and quality work and make the world around us a better place for living.

What we do:
We help companies design better online products, mobile apps, websites and refine brand presence. We create digital products and visual branding systems that enable businesses to express their value and better face forward of their organization in front of their audience. With our close family of talented people here, we are empowering them regularly to put DESIGN first by helping them roll up their sleeves and putting user-centric product design practice to the work we do everyday.

We are driven by passion. Want to know more? Please take the time to look at our Recent work!

Our Client Says

  • Vimal's work has been amazing and with highest quality thus far. He is always available and is in communication during the entire process. Vimal & his team takes the time to learn what you are trying to accomplish & provides valuable feedback on how to improve the experience. We will continue to work with Vimal & his team on several upcoming projects.

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Services we offer

We work with startups all across the globe and help them build their vision into reality.

Branding is just a beginning.

What is branding?

Branding is a face of your business. A conceptualized brand visual system that we design, expresses the value, personality & competitive edge of your presence.

What it takes?

A story. We examine your industry and business, gather data with your close involvement & help you refine the story of your business with our comprehensive design process.

Recall value & consistency

What's the brand, if it doesn't have a recall value. We help you grow beyond just a logo mark. We create visual identity systems across various mediums to help you maintain brand consistency.

Effective design, powerful execution.

User Interface Design

Our design is informed by your brand values that also works for your audience. We practice a User-Centred design process that focuses on making the interface intuitive for your end user.

User Experience Design

Crafting a world-class user experience (UX) is the most important part for your online brand presence. 17Seven takes holistic approach and emphasises on creating a human experience of the product.

Secret is in planning

Our design process often involves first identifying & mapping the targeted audience, who will be using the interface. Then it involves prototyping the journeys of the users with wireframes.

Mobile Revolution is now.

Mobile App Design

Mobile devices are increasingly utilized to interact with brands. Our team crafts stunning and intuitive mobile applications, enabling brands to engage with their customers like never before.

Mobile App Development

It is critical that you should have a well designed and solidly executed mobile experience for impactful presence in the market. Our team helps with awesome iPhone & Android app development.

Can you help me?

Hell, Yes! Our team is always excited to learn and dive into fresh pool of ideas, of every new mobile app concept they come across. Get in touch with us and let's kick start the conversation.

Minimum Viable Product for Startups.

The BIG Picture

Sip a coffee and tell us about your idea. We listen, study the brief, talk further and set the initial course to understand the value proposition of your product to get the big picture out of it.

Kick start the process

We begin with scoping & de-scoping the project to keep your cost to the minimum, so that you have more room for marketing. We carefully stick to the features & suggest to avoid others unless they prove their worth.

Design, Build & Deploy

We begin with analysing, validating & building prototype of the product. Once the course is set, we will execute & build the MVP within 6 to 8 weeks, which can help you begin acquiring customers.

Got a project on board?

Great! Go ahead, and fill up our short form here to get started with the discussion.

Gems we´ve worked with

We have been working with start-ups and leading brands across the globe, who have become our friends and partners over the journey we have spent together.